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Trenton NJ Today


This Is A Beautiful Garden Located in Trenton Free Public Library

This beautiful garden is located outside our free public library.  It’s nicely manicured and enclosed for safety.  But why is no one sitting outside?   I am wondering…. the staff is very friendly and helpful, the library is very clean and orderly, the place is well maintained and quiet.  They even have a designated session of free books anyone can welcome to take.   By the …

Trenton’s Church Collection

Have You Ever Visited A City That Hosts A Church On Almost Every Few Blocks?
What has happened here, why such a church conscious city and for whatever reason how blessed are we.  Trenton has it’s own culture altogether, however, I have never seen a city with the many churches on almost every few blocks radius.   I just make me feel that perhaps something went …

The Gourmet Of The McDonalds Restaurants

A Must Visit McDonald’s Restaurant Location, A Local And Visitors Favorite
In a million years did I think I would be writing about a McDonalds.  But this restaurant location is really treated as a restaurant with table service and deliciously prepared foods.  It’s incredible just how many little gold mines ai keep discovering in Trenton.  And this is my favorite restaurant in Trenton …